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Group of Bioinformatics


Primary subject of studies in group of Bioinformatics are Proteins, their structures, architectures, interactions, stabilities, processes of their folding/unfolding and evolutional pathways in which a function emerged and was further optimized. We are specifically interested in problems of local structure preferences along proteins main chain which are strongly dependent on a character of a side chain and define not only character of the folding process but more importantly they determine proteins behavior in different environments. Most of the methods we used are combinations of molecular modeling, molecular simulations, computational chemistry, bioinformatics analysis and mathematical statistics to establish a robust methodological background suitable to provide solution of various structural biology and life science related problems. We also offer professional support for institutional users in modeling of protein structures, prediction of protein-protein interactions and standard bioinformatics analysis and tools. Last but not least one of our goals is a setup of Integrated Database of Small Molecules which should serve as a national contribution to the pan-European ESFRI project ELIXIR.

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